Comes Down To Perspectives - Whichever Way You look At It.

Comes Down To Perspectives – Whichever Way You look At It.

As a writer, it goes without saying that it is important to have an appreciation of other perspectives- even if you are not entirely in tune with how things may look from different standpoints; the characters we write about are not always likable, even for us.

I smiled at a sobering reality check and exchange recently that was also laced with a worrying question.

X: Just putting it out there, 2016 has to be the worst year.
Y: Ooh, I don’t know, 1939 to 1945 were probably considered to be a lot worse.
X: What’s up, hun?
Y: I’m good.
X: Sure?
Y: I’m not busy paving preparations for WWIII, so, yep, good.

And a recent radio broadcast conversation I was listening to felt extremely awkward until we were given that crucial bit of information that made us listeners release a sigh of relief.

DJ: So, what song would you like us to play on your way home from school and who’s it for?
Schoolboy: I’d like to request Push it by Salt –N- Pepa.
DJ: Ah, a bit of Salt –N – Pepa and why have you chosen Push it?
Schoolboy: Because I think it’s an appropriate song for my mum.
DJ: Long pause Er, right—
Schoolboy: because she’s a student midwife.
DJ: Ah, there we are….

But here, in the link below, I struggle.

The link explores the idea of taking out a lease financing package to “buy” a dog – because please, realise at this stage, you don’t own it; you’re tied into fixed monthly payments that could stretch two to three years, and only after are you given the right to buy the dog.
I wish it were fake news or a pre-April fools article but sadly, no.
And I am desperately trying to appreciate it from the perspective of the owner and then from the dog. I really cannot see how either one can truly benefit. Whichever way you look at it.

Now the financier…

9 thoughts on “Comes Down To Perspectives – Whichever Way You look At It.

    1. Leasing a dog A strange idea that sits uneasily with me, as well, Georgia.. Love the ‘Push It’ though. Great post S.jx

      1. Thanks Judith! Yes, its a truly peculiar idea that needed a mention. I would not have believed it had I not come across the post. Thanks for reading xx

  1. What a curious thing. And yet I’ve seen it with friends and relatives who like the “idea” of having a child or owning a pet, but then, it’s like, work, or some junk. They love going out with the kid or the dog(s) like they’re some sort of accessory, but once they’re home? Nuisance. Go deal with them, Other-Person-In-The-House. What you describe creepily sounds like it’s going to make sense to a lot of people…not to mention be the premise of some ridiculous rom-com down the line–“Suzy, I need to prove to my dying grandmother that I have a kid or she won’t make me heir to her fortune! Can I borrow Leopold for a weekend?”

    1. Isn’t it curious? And yes- though it really didn’t occur to me at the time of posting-that there are people out there who see animals and children as a useful commodity- of course! This is creepy. The rom-com sounds like a dead cert. I feel someone somewhere has bought the options to Leopold’s story with sympathy angled towards the grandson’s plight! :0 Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I agree with Jean. It’s kind of uncomfortable but… There are a lot of people who like the “idea” of having a pet but then, once they have one, they are hit with the reality of the amount of time and care that goes into it. Some of them then mistreat the animal. That is intolerable. I’m for anything that could possibly prevent that. (P.S. I didn’t read the article so I’m just going on what you’ve said here. Is this a financial thing or an “I’ve-changed-my-mind thing”?)

    1. Yes, I must admit It didn’t enter my mind about ‘fair weather’ pet owners and can now see how it could assist in sorting out those who don’t really have a heart in the animals welfare. However, the article is also angled towards the “brains” behind the concept but as it goes on I feel it is clear that this man has found another way to exploit subprime borrowers. Purely financial. “I’ve-changed- my -mind” aftercare not in sight. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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