'What's in the box?' Has me stumped. Skilbey Blogs

‘What’s in the box?’ has me stumped. Skilbey Blogs.


Now, I’m a supporter of the ‘Viva la difference’ brigade. It’s got to be an instruction embedded in one of the genes in our human DNA; if nothing else, stop us all from being created in the likeness of Donald Trump. If genes only had to do one job…

So, I say, each to their own. I have some habits probably perceived as peculiar, when seen through the eyes of another, I’m certain. But I am truly trying to understand what I discovered only a couple of days ago, during a conversation with the mother of a four-year-old who was glued to a mobile phone watching what I assumed was some TV programme. No.

’He’s watching other children, unwrap their presents on a Youtube channel. He’d watch it for hours if he could.’

Yes, that right. And there are names for this ‘sport’ being played out on youtube channels. Many hours  are given over to such videos. Titles such as ‘Toy Opening’, ‘Unboxing Toys ‘, and ‘Unwrapping Birthday or Christmas Presents’. But it doesn’t have to revolve around celebratory gifts. I had a look at a ‘What’s in the Box’  video, which involved someone pulling out their Jurassic Park toys, one by one, from a large box. Each toy was complimented with a brief description and sometimes a little back story about the toy.
Comments on this channel vary from:

‘Can a(sic) have them?’

‘I don’t have them but I do have Jurassic world toy’ (Sniff).

‘O my fuckin god.’


It seems to be working on many different levels, as there is a strong adult presence on these sites:

‘I want the T-Rex with the springs in it’  (Adult).

‘So Jealous I want them.’ (Adult).

When they were young, I do remember my kids being more compelled to play with the box rather than the actual present that came from within the box.


Pulling things out of a box does have an element of romantic magic appeal about it. For a short while only.
How can you get enjoyment out of watching a complete stranger pull a toy out of a box or  joy out of watching someone open a present, a present that doesn’t belong to you, the viewer?

I asked a friend this question and they came back with a pause for thought reply:
‘I don’t know, why do people watch porn? I mean it’s not their sex, is it? ‘

And so, it must come down to how it makes them feel, I guess.

And I can relate to watching something seemingly banal yet utterly compelling. One comment from an adult, said, ‘Omg diction’. This has me thinking that perhaps, she is sympathetic to ASMR, which I can identify with.  See an earlier blog of mine, http://www.skilbey.com/asmr-whats-it-about/

Another comment was ‘A tiny spider has just crawled out of the box!!!

: – ( ’

Is there another level that people are just delighting in?

So, can someone please help me to understand? Perhaps someone is doing a thesis on this? Either this goes much deeper than face value or it is, just what it says on the box. Love to read your thoughts.

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