Human Energy. Shame we can’t bottle and cork it. Skilbey Blogs.

  Perhaps pickle it and put it in a jar? I am and have always been fascinated with energy and energy exchanges. I listened to Denise Gough on the radio over the weekend, (Radio 2 Graham Norton), talking about her Olivier Award-winning performance in People, Places and Things  in the West End, and she made […]

creative writers and imaginary friends

Dear writer, did you have an imaginary friend? Skilbey Blogs.

  University study suggests that a writer’s relationship with characters is analogous to children’s relationships with imaginary friends. A study, by University of Oregon psychologist Marjorie Taylor, Ph.D., and her colleagues, refutes the conventional wisdom that preschool is the peak time for all kinds of imaginative play, including playing with imaginary companions. It inspired me […]