Burning the Candle…




I bade farewell to the fireball and the ‘Stay Off My Patch’, bird song some eight hours ago, and now? Consumed and fit to burst on the fat of words, I turn to look at the face, which is as ever, glaring down hard on me- you know, that face? Ticking and tock tutting that it’s half past stupid o’clock in the morning, and what on earth are you doing? You must be simply bonkers. True, my eyes are now beginning to see everything in size three font- there is no size three- and a nauseous wave decides to go all Mexican on me, but my mind is like that of a dog that’s found a big bone, bigger than itself; dragging and lugging the ruddy thing home to suck out the marrow, and oh my dear life- it’s not letting go.

I turn my back on the glare again and carry on, digits achy and clicking, but feeling smug that ideas are really taking shape; characters with contours that reflect the light and the dark and the downright bloody shady. Smug, until I put my glasses on and sit back to revise and realise in the starchy light and shock of afternoon’s swift arrival, where outside- now that I care to listen- the flutter of muttering wings, talking of murders and journey’s spent trying to settle down, bring back sticks – I look back at my work and begin to realise that I’m really going to have to look at that. Definitely again. And after some shut eye. Definitely.

So I’m still editing my first novel. Do watch this space for updates, and also check out my blog page, where I will also post any major developments on it. And in the meantime, take a look at Other Writerly Things.


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