Spirits watching Earth Nation Street. Episode: Now

Spirits Watching Earth Nation Street. Episode: Now

I wonder if when we die, whether there is such a thing as a spirit world, and whether these spirits are watching the living as if watching a TV drama being played out.
Apparently, spirits are able to see the bigger picture and know exactly what’s going down on Earth Nation Street. They don’t have to wait until next week for the following episode.

They don’t have to speculate or discuss with friends about what could happen next, they don’t have to invest in unnecessary emotions or listen out for that classic drum roll signalling the end of the BBC’s latest episode of Eastenders.

If I knew the unfolding storyline of a major TV soap even for the next six months, never mind for its entire lifetime – certainly knew a lot more than the drip, drip, fed stuff given to viewers just before airing – if I knew that X would get his comeuppance and that Y would survive her car falling into a swamp and that she would eventually be nursed back to health by a male nurse who eventually becomes the man of her dreams, (a love that never falters even after discovering him one day dressing up in her underwear), I’m not sure I’d want to watch it anymore. I’d be a little bored. Too much information kills.

And yet it feels weird saying that as a writer. Writers know that it’s not just the story, it’s the way its told. But I reckon as a spirit, you’d know everything. Where’s the fun in that? I wonder if it’s possible to surprise a spirit? Would it be possible for a spirit to even utter, “I didn’t know that. You do surprise me.”

So, to our mates on the Other Side. On the one hand, surely, if they know that a dearly beloved living on Earth is terminally ill, surely they are not going to worry. Either such person will pull through it and get better- which the spirits already know about – or they don’t improve on the earth plane and end up joining them in the spirit world, which is supposed to be a better gig than Earth.

So, my conclusion? They must be shit bored with our lives. They’ve been here on earth, and done it themselves and got the badge. Why would they now want to watch this epic movie in which they know exactly and minutely, how things will end? Or am I missing something?



2 thoughts on “Spirits Watching Earth Nation Street. Episode: Now

  1. Ah, yes, I agree about too much information for writers and stories. No one wants to be stuck watching all that, or reading all that, especially when we know so much of it is irrelevant to The Great Arc.
    But I would like to think they’re not bored, at least not all the time. I’m hoping the grandfathers of my kids get a kick out of their antics. I hope they’re willing to walk with us, even if the road bores them, because they know that to us mere mortals, every step is taken with the last sinew of bravery we’ve got.

    1. I like this thinking. And yes, the funny or rewarding things or the achievements we make must create some rejoicing, much like we do with our own kids. I suppose its the growing that’s done down here, and perhaps the growing against all odds that is deeply compelling and rewarding for those up there as well as down here on earth, rather than the knowing whats going to happen next. Yep, I was definitely missing something. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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