Mr Bastard of a Cat

Mr Bastard of a Cat

I have a soft spot for cats. There is no cure. Through my eyes, they can do no wrong (or rather I choose to ignore their wrong doings). I have strong and similar feelings towards goats, having kept a couple in the past. I can confirm that these adorable creatures are boundary blind, reckless hooligans whose audacious feckless abandonment can have dire consequences. They are also incredibly humorous by virtue of their behaviour and they are very affectionate. So, no- not the devils spawn, just terrible, terrible beauties, hugely misunderstood. Decadent characters, on balance, is probably correct. But I digress.

Back to cats. My affection has extended to a recent online advertisement for a particular moggie that is looking for the right home that can accommodate his ways. He has been described as an “…utter, utter, utter bastard” of a cat.

There is nothing better, nor more compelling than getting an honest review on a potential acquisition.

He is described as having the qualities of a despot and a dictator but the review is balanced, as you will see that said cat does have a gentler nature- not always on display, but a gem to experience if you catch Mr B. Cat on his good side. He does have a grander title, by the way. There are some people that wouldn’t entertain its backside, any other side at any bloody time, Amen, but another news article about the cat says that the rescue centre is fielding hundreds of ownership applications.

Is there an underlying desire or thinking that they can change this ‘Bad Boy Cat’ default setting to ‘Charming until Crossed’ or are they happy to accept he’s a rough diamond geezer who once you get to know, you’ll find has more rough edges?

Maybe he just needs a good old belly rub.
Ouch. Maybe not.

6 thoughts on “Mr Bastard of a Cat

  1. I have got three grown up cats, one the mother, who has just produced three more mini’s. Basically wild, but very friendly, they are sort of village cats who live with me, mainly because I feed them. When they reach a certain size, they often start to disappear – run over in the lanes by tractors – or they just go to find their own territory. But there is also a nearby forest, and on a Sunday, there is often ominous gun fire from this forest, and since there are few rabbits around, one has to draw ones own conclusion. I did see a red squirrel once, and there are lots of tortoises!

    1. Sounds like there are one or two Mr McGregors lurking in the forest there. May they all be re-incarnated one day, into those disappearing cats. Great to hear from you! xx

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