Five wishes to make my week

Five Wishes To Make My Week. Skilbey Blogs.

Five wishes, that’s all…

Can I please swap my brain for a Dolphin’s?

Dolphins rest one-half of their brain while the other half remains conscious. After two hours they swap halves. This allows for round the clock vigilance and facilitates their need to surface for air. So a dolphin’s brain would make things so much easier for me as a writer. I just keep thinking of how much productive writing I could get done.

Wishes for the week

Can the ghost of a new idea for a story please, only haunt me during the day? It’s bad enough in the day not always being in reach of a notepad and pen. In the early hours I switch things off and beg to sleep but  lingering on the threshold, floating by my bed, hovering over me as I drift, whispering in my ears, stirring me to write, prodding gently my lips to speak, until it disappears into the ether as I wake into the earthly world. Left with just the wisp of a tale, trailing like a scent. And with a book number one still to finish? It is just inconsiderate. Tut.

What the fuck o'clock

I wish for a fixed time to be established every day called What The Fuck O’clock?  WTF O’clock is when everyone can just down tools, stop what they’re doing, take time out and ask, “For the love of God, when I look at the bigger picture, is that/was that really a good idea?”


A spark of consciousnessWhy, oh, why, oh,why, couldn’t the hundredth monkey effect be a credible phenomenon? There could not be a better time for a sudden mysterious leap of consciousness to be received by a critical number (of people) which then spreads to all groups and is accepted and acknowledged as the new behaviour or idea. Knocking some sense into some people inhabiting this tiny fragile planet is long, long overdue and it’s got to come from somewhere.

Five wishes

Can I start planning now and relocate to a cruise ship when I’m 80yrs young  instead of a retirement home? I can see myself still writing, polishing the final draft of my umpteenth novel while docking into a port in the Carribean. Well, what’s not to love about that?

What would be your five wishes for your week?

4 thoughts on “Five Wishes To Make My Week. Skilbey Blogs.

  1. I can totally relate to the first three particularly (and I love the pictures btw!) but for me I only need one wish this week, but it’s a big one. You see, I need a time-turner (see Hermione Granger in HP for details) and with that I could reach the goal of keeping a roof over my head with my work that pays the bills as well as finishing the first draft of my latest novel…. this would be a blissful state to be in by the weekend…

    1. What a brilliant idea! 🙂 And would you believe, my daughter (the Potterhead), was showing off her time-turner necklace to me the other day. Oh, if only it were real! (and I didn’t think). Thank you for adding to the list, its a fab multi problem solver as I share your frustrations.

  2. Wow. Seriously? The dolphins? That is amazing. (I just looked it up and, yes, it seems it’s a distinct possibility that they do that.) Also, on a side note, when I googled “dolphin brain”, the first thing that came up is “are dolphins more intelligent than humans?” Valid question.

    Also, WTF o’clock break is a brilliant idea.

    1. Yes, dolphins are much more intelligent than humans. There’s research now that says they can see unborn babies in a pregnant woman because of ultrasound/echolocation- amazing creatures. So glad you liked the WTF o’clock. We could really do with some of that right now. Thank you so much for your comments. Appreciated! 🙂

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