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Getting Ready For The 511 Challenge?

A reminder to all lovely readers and to let those that are new to my site know that on 1st December, I hit the benchmark of one year since starting my website and blogs. I am chuffed – so chuffed that I have remained true to my goals to keep it going and to sharpen writing skills . I’ve really enjoyed this project I set myself, writing about the things that have caught my eye- and so removed from the novel that I am now editing and have embraced the challenge to try to make my topics as variable as possible. I hope that regardless of  writing style, it has strengthened the work on my novel. Keeping my blogs varied has also relieved me from having to be too personal. Social media is a beast I am still getting used to.

Now I am changing gear slightly. I will continue to create blogs in the same vein however, I will only post my blogs fortnightly so that I can include and invite you to take the 511 Challenge on my blog site.

What’s the 511 Challenge?

The challenge is to narrow down your extensive library to just 5 books that have had a big impact on your life and tell us why they have.

To this, I would also like you to add one piece of music and one poem, for the same reasons.

However, you can shuffle; this is not exclusively book led. The late Leonard Cohen moved his poems into song, so if you wish, it could be: 5 songs, 1 poem, 1 book or 5 poems, 1 song, 1 book.

511? Something for each day of the week.

Alternative 511: Turn On The Heat (511 TOTH)

Let’s step this challenge up a little. Feeling feisty? Fancy a book/poem/song standoff? Is there belief system/someone (no names) organisation/body that you don’t admire but you would love them to see themselves and your perspective through the 511 Challenge? Then throw down your 511 gauntlet and tell us what you think, what you think they lack and how the 511 could enlighten them or knock some sense into them.

What’s behind 511?

In these taxing and changing times, people are weeping from their pores about the state of American politics, the state of humanity itself and what has happened to our moral compass.

Books help to identify and illuminate and shape the persons we are, sometimes framing our morals, values and beliefs.

Music and poetry can have the same impact.


Do send an email, with a bit about you, a photo of yourself (jpeg), would be great, a link to your website, and your 511 Challenge or 511 (TOTH). Send it to me addressed as the 511 Challenge and I will Guest post this as a challenge fortnightly.

Looking forward to reading your selections 🙂

Thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcomed.

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