Do you wince at the sound of your own voice? This may be why

Do You Wince At The Sound Of Your Voice? This Might Be Why.

Urrgh! Hearing the sound of my own voice always brings me out in a sweat and makes me cringe on a scale I never knew existed. I know I am not alone here. Friends feel the same way about hearing their own voices and many working in jobs such as broadcasting, acting, and voice over artists suffer from the same discomfort of hearing their own voices replayed back to them. I wonder whether a hypnotherapist recording his or her voice onto a CD or a tape for work ever feels the same way? I suppose they could hypnotise themselves into believing their voices have the dulcet tones of their favourite communicator rather than a ‘cold light of the day voice’. At least they can do something about it.

I’ve just learned that the bones in our skull help us to hear our own voices (as we actively speak), in the most complimentary way. From what I understand, our skulls on using the vibrations of our voice produce a sound that creates a positive reception much like we have to our own voices when singing in the bathroom. We are spared the ‘warts and all’ of our warbling in the same way that a manipulated boutique mirror spares you and buffers your image from the harsh sharp natural light of the day.

So it’s a nasty shock to us when we hear our voice outside of our head; what it truly sounds like, via a recording.

I wish I possessed something else equally useful. I wish I had a tell it like it is, inbuilt buffer bullshit detector within my ears that could easily identify – in nano seconds and well before a complete sentence is uttered – that someone is trying to shovel shit down my face while telling me that it’s chocolate cake.

Time is too precious.

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