Fat on the inside, thin on the outside

Fat On The Inside, Thin On The Outside. Skilbey Blogs

I’m fat on the inside and thin on the outside and will be sick if I see another tinsel- still plucking strands out from between my teeth after having it shoved down the throat from Halloween onwards and well before any ghoul had had a chance to return stone cold and graveyard dead, pulling its tomb lid shut.

I’m relieved like many, that Christmas, Twixtmas, and That Year, that Horrible Anus, excuse my Latin, have I spelt it wrong? And didn’t the Queen call a particular year something like this a few years back? Relieved anyway that ‘That Year’ is finally over. Bye bye, don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out, now, ya hear?

Because saying ‘happy’ or ‘merry’ anything felt just a tad dicey. Happy? Was that laced with sarcasm or cynicism? Blind or stupid optimism? And a peaceful 2017? Let’s just stop now.

And now we are saturated- can our arteries take any more?- with advice on how to lose weight, keep fit and eat healthily.

Can someone tell me how we stand a chance of ticking even one of those boxes when our food is spiked?Fat on the inside, thin on the outside

How can anyone justify putting icing sugar in a tub of Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic and herbs?

Judging by the recipes online, there is an argument for using sugar though I don’t know it. What I have read is that many recipes call for sugar in the home-made process where drying in the sun isn’t called for. Maybe it is designed to substitute for the natural sweetness brought out in the tomatoes when they are naturally sun-dried.

Sun-dried. And now I see where I am perhaps not joining up the dots. We are lucky if we successfully sun dry our clothes here in the UK.

But icing sugar?  It seems like the food industry is desperate to keep our sugar fix alive and kicking using any opportunity. I have been down this road in a post before, Does My Fat Look like A Bum In This?  http://www.skilbey.com/does-my-fat-look-like-a-bum-in-this-skilbey-blogs/ so will try not to re-tread ground.

If anyone knows why sugar is used, as I’m just guessing, do let me know.

However, check the ingredients of anything you eat these days and you will find that there is sugar where it really shouldn’t be. They have taken it out of the obvious and slipped it in where we wouldn’t normally look for it, yet it’s there, right under our noses.

So, yes, I have no weight issues and look healthy, but you bet, my arteries are furred and clogged up with the usual shit I knowingly put into my system that is unadulterated uncensored sugar. I and many others don’t need any ‘underhand’ assistance.

I am fat on the inside, looking thin from the outside.

Looking ‘Merry’ and feeling ‘Happy’.




2 thoughts on “Fat On The Inside, Thin On The Outside. Skilbey Blogs

  1. I’ve no idea. Not a one. I can’t dream up a reason (yes, I can, but it would be weird). You did have me laughing at “spiked food”. Indeed, our pre-packaged food (which is all I eat, sadly) is spiked with things that really shouldn’t be in there. And yet…I eat it. *sigh*

    1. Yep, we all do, it taste so darn good and we know its wrong.But it’s frustrating when government health tsars wag their fingers and patronize on the importance of reducing the nations sugar intake, yet it seems that no one has spoken to food manufactures who seem to be playing a manipulative game of hide and seek with sugar. Intrigued to see where it turns up next! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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