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Variety is very much alive and kicking.

You can have alive, any way you want. You can have it as an ‘exuberant life force’ or perhaps have it just as ‘alive enough to have the strength to die’. Flat lining is also a choice. That’s a kind of pulse, just without the interruptions. You didn’t know that, did you?

You can have Kicking, any way you want. Small, medium or large? Kung Fu, back-kick, side-kick, any ruddy kick.

Variety -I can have it whichever way I bloody want – is King or Queen, and social media makes it a tad more difficult to just switch off from the abundance of choice.

Our brains are now being permanently over stimulated for extreme periods of time and on levels never experienced before by the average bod.

There is no time for us to rest and recharge. We are being fed a junk food diet of now, now, now on demand and for many, it taste’s so good. Life is being packed out with ‘filler’ and bulking agents (FB Twitter) and we have somehow convinced ourselves that it helps define us.

Which author said, “stop forcing shit down my throat and telling me it’s chocolate cake”? I Goggled it but couldn’t find the writer. Enlighten me if you know.

So, not happy with what we are doing to ourselves, we seek to humanise our pets, over stimulating them as well.

The First Contemporary Arts Exhibition For Dogs

This absolutely delights me but it also has me worried. What happened to the good old-fashioned take Fido for a run? And driving with the window down and Fido’s nose sticking out?

Isn’t this just exhausting? Next, we’ll be creating these stimulants for the dog to experience at home so that it doesn’t have to go out. Perish the thought if Fido had to get up from its god damn dog bed.

Can’t help but feel all this artificial stimulation would cause stress and confusion for dogs, much like artificial stimulants are causing for humans.

More choice just makes us miserable as we often ruminate over whether the choice we made was the right one, or was the grass greener? And did we really want it in the first place?

Real choice now paralyses us. Many decisions are not decisions but an attempt to hold back the tide of overwhelm-ness.

I fear a crossroads where humans may become bad for a dogs health.

Many thanks for reading. Your thoughts are always welcomed.

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