Does my fat look like a bum in this?

Does my fat look like a bum in this?

I don’t know how it happened but a shit load of sugar fell into my ‘plain’ cooked chicken slices. Any sugar in just plain chicken is a shit load, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m sure it was an accident; factory error, as I wasn’t after fancy pancy chicken. Just plain, cooked chicken. Sliced.

I was just genuinely unlucky. Perhaps it was just my packet and not an entire factory batch that was treated to much more than the description on the front of the packet suggested.

That must be it.

Can anyone justify sugar in cooked chicken slices that are not meant to be seasoned or marinated? Send your answers to:

We have health professionals banging on about individuals taking responsibility for a healthier lifestyle and diet. Those government-backed campaigns placing pressure on the manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar and salt in processed and ready meal foods have made an impact. The government’s arm lock and ‘chest up against the wall’ behaviour towards Mr and Mrs Retailer to get confectionary removed from child height displays traditionally littered around the check-out aisles in the major supermarkets has been successful I think. So are the supermarkets now playing fairly?

Good time to bury bad news?

Sugar is bad news. My guess is that these campaigns were a golden opportunity for supermarkets to just stealthily shift the sugar somewhere else.

Repurposing sugar.

Shift the sugar off the waist, dress, place it on the thighs. It can sit there for a while without anyone noticing in the short term.

So our palates are still hooked. We find sugar where it truly, truly shouldn’t be, if we can be bothered to look, or if we have to, for dietary reasons.

In the ingredients of a pack of cooked sliced roast chicken, I found: dextrose and caramelised sugar syrup, In a further two completely different packs I found glucose and dextrose.

I like sugar. Maybe I just need to chill. But something is seriously wrong if we are being fed sugary chicken as a staple.

On the subject of the antics the food industry play, can advertisers get away with an ‘Honestly grown produce’ label on a pack of cherry tomatoes? Are they suggesting that other growers not making similar declarations are dishonest? And in what way can producers exemplify their honesty or dishonesty in production?

Maybe I just need to lie down.

Can they get away with describing a ham joint as being ‘Soaked in age-old brine’? What on earth does that mean? Age old? Do they not know what age the brine is? ‘Age’ can be defined as a length of time a being or thing has existed. ‘Old’ can be defined as a measure of time passed. Have they told us anything? How could advertisers possibly get away with this juxtaposition of nonsense? Maybe the ham’s being dredged up from the seabed? Fuck knows.

Maybe I just need to lie down.

Many thanks for reading. Your thoughts are always welcomed.

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