The York Festival of Writing beckons. I have my ticket

The York Festival of Writing Beckons. I Have My Ticket. #FoW17

Not good at waxing lyrical about how best to write a novel. Many blogging novelists and novelists in the making embrace this art in their blogs. They have this covered.

Where do I start with describing my process? Many bloggers out there seem to have this covered too and I’m not sure I can make mine interesting to read. There is an art to writing about writing.

What I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty regarding my writing is that in September I will be attending the York Festival of Writing #FoW17.

Just attending the event, taking part in all the workshops and meeting industry experts and like-minded people is exciting enough but – eek! I will be carrying my MS. I cannot wait and am terribly excited- not to mention downright ruddy nervous.

Booked in April, I have been sitting on this escalating excitement since then and trying to rein in my sheer panic, reassuring myself that I will be ready by then.

Spit and polish are being generously applied. Glances at the calendar and the clock are making me look shifty, though.

Domestics other than the essentials have taken a back seat. Wish they could go to the back of bloody beyond but, the back seat is ok for now.

Being a private gal by nature I’ll mention this now and most likely once more but only afterward with a review of this wonderful event. Because if I keep on being reminded about it, I shall probably pass out.

I am putting it about and placing my frilly knickers and nerves out there on the washing line, for all to see. Or indeed, I am opening up a vein to bleed.

I’m upping the ante with bringing along my MS and meeting a couple of agents. No pressure there, then.

I should be shouting about it but this is me. This is my shout about where I’m going in September. Anyone out there who has already, I would love to hear your experiences.

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