Every Home Should Have An Eeyore

Every Home Should Have An Eeyore.

Every Home Should Have An Eeyore.

Life is full of contrasts and in order to fully appreciate and celebrate light and its hues, we need to acknowledge its many shades. And isn’t shade refreshing after some time spent in the heat of the sun? When we get it. This appreciation of shade can be heightened by having an Eeyore in your own home.

An Eeyore in human form will usually take the form of a teenager, though, will not exclusively be restricted to teens. Any member of any family could be an Eeyore; they are cut from the same cloth, coming out with recognizable comments such as:

It’s so beautifully tragic, it’s tragically beautiful.


Anyone smiling before 10 o’clock in the morning is just not to be trusted.

They tend to think “Cherchez le cloud” for every silver lining in life and if you ask them to try and be creative, they are likely to respond with an idea or a lament and call it something like,“The Birth of Nothing”.

But Eeyore’s everywhere are to be celebrated. Of course, I am excluding the more serious aspects of being on the low mood spectrum that may need specialist support and is no laughing matter. That aside, the Eeyore in the home can create in the rest of us, a thoughtful response that counters their way of seeing things without dismissing their feelings. It requires non-Eeyores to look again and perhaps find immense gratitude for the things we take for granted.

So Eeyores, help us to see the world with better eyes. I think they deserve a hug. They may tut, roll their eyes and, or step back. No matter. If they prefer, give them a squashed flower. A squashed flower by any other name…

Besides, isn’t everything beautiful at some point, under the right light?

Every home should have an Eeyore.






2 thoughts on “Every Home Should Have An Eeyore.

  1. That’s me. I’m the Eeyore in this house. And, yes, broken, cracked, squashed…still beautiful. I’m all about the beauty of broken things. <3

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