ready to take the 511 challenge

Ready For The 511 Challenge?

In a couple weeks time, I shall hit the benchmark of one year since starting my website and blogs. I am chuffed- so chuffed that I have remained true to my objectives to keep it going and to sharpen writing skills . I’ve really enjoyed this project I set myself, writing about the things that have […]

Five wishes to make my week

Five Wishes To Make My Week. Skilbey Blogs.

Five wishes, that’s all… Can I please swap my brain for a Dolphin’s? Dolphins rest one-half of their brain while the other half remains conscious. After two hours they swap halves. This allows for round the clock vigilance and facilitates their need to surface for air. So a dolphin’s brain would make things so much […]

creative writers and imaginary friends

Dear writer, did you have an imaginary friend? Skilbey Blogs.

  University study suggests that a writer’s relationship with characters is analogous to children’s relationships with imaginary friends. A study, by University of Oregon psychologist Marjorie Taylor, Ph.D., and her colleagues, refutes the conventional wisdom that preschool is the peak time for all kinds of imaginative play, including playing with imaginary companions. It inspired me […]

Biting the hand that feeds…Why I’m out of love with Facebook. Skilbey Blogs.

If absolutely nothing else, disregard this blog, skip and read the following link in its entirety. This blog, by Cody Musser, sums up perfectly how I have physically (yes, physically- it makes my stomach sink), and psychologically felt since committing to Facebook in Dec 2015 and why over the following months it was beginning to […]