sound of shoes crunching gravel

I love my ASMR. Skilbey Blogs

  I love my ASMR. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  ASMR: The videos which claim to make their viewers ‘tingle’ – BBC News It is the pleasurable sensation one feels in response to audio, visual, tactile olfactory stimuli. A lot of people will experience it as a tingling sensation. Tingling is not how I […]

Beautiful Pembrokeshire

Beautiful Pembrokeshire. Skilbey Blogs

Beautiful faces of  Pembrokeshire- rugged cliffs, the wind, rain- more rain, outcrops of rocks and tors and magical mist hugging hills and mountains. Ancient churches, chapels and castles.  Unique coastline, secret coves, beautiful bejewelled bays and caves and lagoons. Spectacular, jaw-dropping sunsets, Cromlech stones. The mysterious, brooding Preseli mountains, safeguarding an enigmatic energy. Bedtime stars winking goodnight […]