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Well, how did my last visit to the dentist go? And the attempts to get me past the first base of just routinely numbing my gums so that a root filling could take place?

If you’ve read my earlier blog, ‘Well you know what they say,“sixth time lucky”’, you’ll know my story; that I have had five injections given by my dentist, spread over two previous visits; three given the first time round, and two stronger doses the second time, but on each visit so far, and on average, some fifty minutes later, the dentist has had to send me home because I was still feeling sensations in the areas where I really shouldn’t be. On those two previous visits, I travelled home in astonishment and bewilderment. I always thought that my body was far more sensitive to chemicals in my system than the average person. I don’t drink, partly because I don’t like the taste of alcohol, coupled with the feeling of not being in control of my senses, but actually, in honesty, it would only take me two sips of a weak wine to become tipsy. I thought back to all those times when I have had injections for dental treatment with no problems. Why the sudden change? My dentist did explain that it could be down to anatomical variations in my jaw; that I could have extra nerve endings that are difficult to access.
It was agreed that she would let her colleague administer the injections on this visit, to rule out dentist error, (though I never had the need to question her competency at all throughout), and then she would pick up from there with the course of treatment.
So I made my way to the dentist feeling wary and uncertain. Was this going to be another futile effort involving ‘pain- in-vain’? Couldn’t I just get this ruddy treatment over and done with, please?
A fellow dentist gave me a dose and a half of anaesthetic, followed by another similar dosage, about fifteen minutes later. Yes, it turned into a futile effort. And ‘no’, this ruddy treatment wasn’t going to happen at all, at the surgery.
My dentist has made a referral to a hospital some fifty miles away, where they will assess what to do next. The appointment could take a while, by which time it is not lost on either of us, that my tooth may have given up all attempts to exist, causing all kinds of further problems, with my dentist only being able to manage the pain.

So no, it wasn’t sixth time lucky.

Signing off, cross, (fingers and everything else for a speedy referral),

Your Anatomical  variant.


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