My #Bookreview ofI am, I am, I am

My #Bookreview of I am, I am, I am by Maggie O’Farrell.

     Title:  I am, I am, I am Author: Maggie O’Farrell Published: 22 August 2017 Publisher: Tinder Press Pages: 304 Pages Genre: Memoir RRP: £12.99   About the book  A childhood illness she was not expected to survive. A teenage yearning to escape that nearly ended in disaster. A terrifying encounter on a remote […]

Domestic trivia V the beautiful pleasures of writing. I have a cunning plan…Skilbey Blogs

If I go a couple of days without getting my head down to some writing or editing, I am proper grumpy. I start to twitch. Right eye first, left eye is no good to man nor beast without lens support, but that’ll go too. This grump is official and verified by an independent suffered enough […]

10 Command-nots I will always observe when writing. Skilbey Blogs.

  #1 I shall not go through years and years of creating the DNA aka, the building blocks of my story, submerging myself in its amoebic gestation, creating cells, arteries, blood, flesh, hair, teeth and body, creating voices, creating the spirit of my characters, years of selecting from the greys anatomy of emotional and psychological […]

Butcher ‘robbed’, gives his total blessing. Skilbey Blogs

  Butcher ‘robbed’, gives his total blessing. Skilbey Blogs. Salesmen are all things to all people. Here’s banter I heard one day in my local butchers. “I’d like a leg of lamb for four.” “Got the perfect job. How about this leg, here,” “What am I doing? Feeding the five thousand?” “Get out of here. […]

Dentist revisited-was it sixth time lucky, finally? Skilbey Blogs

Well, how did my last visit to the dentist go? And the attempts to get me past the first base of just routinely numbing my gums so that a root filling could take place? If you’ve read my earlier blog, ‘Well you know what they say,“sixth time lucky”’, you’ll know my story; that I have […]

Beautiful Pembrokeshire

Beautiful Pembrokeshire. Skilbey Blogs

Beautiful faces of  Pembrokeshire- rugged cliffs, the wind, rain- more rain, outcrops of rocks and tors and magical mist hugging hills and mountains. Ancient churches, chapels and castles.  Unique coastline, secret coves, beautiful bejewelled bays and caves and lagoons. Spectacular, jaw-dropping sunsets, Cromlech stones. The mysterious, brooding Preseli mountains, safeguarding an enigmatic energy. Bedtime stars winking goodnight […]

Well, you know what they say, “sixth time lucky…” Skilbey Blogs

Er…no. No, they don’t. And I have every right to feel nervous about going to the dentist for my sixth injection. Every reason to feel worried by now. I hadn’t really geared myself up in preparation for this root canal. The first bit of dental treatment I would have had for such a long time. […]

“Remember…we choose where you end up.” Skilbey Blogs

 “…be good to us, ‘cause we get to choose where you end up”, said my teen daughter pointing to an old people’s home. A sobering thought, I mused and delivered with such breathtaking ease. Aside from the shock at me being resettled in my old age so casually, I suppose I’m thinking her approach is just […]

Embrace ”number five” & light bulb writing. Skilbey Blogs

‘Number Five’? You intrigue me. No, nothing to do with a perfume house, a make-up product and definitely not large sticky ribs in a Peking sauce. And everything to do with what you can do with a pen, a note pad and imagination. Number five. Add a supermarket, a little boy, his father, and stir. Let me explain […]

Cat, dog, shooting stars, the universe and everything. Skilbey Blogs

Cat, dog, shooting stars, the universe and everything. Skilbey Blogs

On the twelfth night of August 2015, at about 11 pm my youngest, decided to head outside to catch sight of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Perseid meteor shower 2015 – With the computer attached and plugged into my umbilical chord, I was otherwise distracted with writing and fine tuning one of my characters near fall […]