Beautiful Pembrokeshire

Beautiful Pembrokeshire. Skilbey Blogs

Beautiful Pembrokeshire

Beautiful faces of  Pembrokeshire- rugged cliffs, the wind, rain- more rain, outcrops of rocks and tors and magical mist hugging hills and mountains. Ancient churches, chapels and castles.  Unique coastline, secret coves, beautiful bejewelled bays and caves and lagoons. Spectacular, jaw-dropping sunsets, Cromlech stones. The mysterious, brooding Preseli mountains, safeguarding an enigmatic energy. Bedtime stars winking goodnight in the inky skies.

Cariad and Mamgee. Bara brith and pippity pong. Sun bathers-sometimes, Babba Seals, Dolphins, Puffins and Shearwaters and Caldy Island. St.Davids Cathedral, Little England beyond Wales, Landsker line. Summits, precipices and sheer drops. Sand dunes and rock pools, pebbles, shale rock, golden sands. Sshhh!


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  1. A restful moment in my hectic day. I knew there was a good reason for subscribing. Mmm… Now, back to work, feeling so much better after that reminder as to why I’m here.

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