Can we have our cat’s bollocks back? It had their Hipster Pack in. I’ve got the receipt? Skilbey Blogs

  For a long time now the tempestuous weather has been unrelentingly grim and dark with no feel-good light since God was a boy. However, now- at last- the sun is cranking its neck round to squint at itself, trying to become accustomed and adjust to its own estranged light once more. I thought at […]

Conceptual Art for you? Oui, mais non, mais oui, mais non…

  The Yuk Factor: Warning: the following image revelation may repulse those of a nauseous disposition. If you think you’ll be a trifle queasy, then best not to continue reading. Yesterday, The Sunday Times Culture magazine listed one hundred artworks to love from Caravaggio to Constable to Bansky and Tracey Emin. I struggle to understand […]

And then Satan said, “Let there be a Magic Roundabout. Let it be placed in Swindon.” Skilbey Blogs.

  Taking one of our daughters to a concert, the TomTom made references to the Magic Roundabout as part of its advised route. Other Half and I glanced at each other: why was it named after a 60’s children’s television programme? And if nothing to do with that, well, mushrooms were the only other thing […]

sound of shoes crunching gravel

I love my ASMR. Skilbey Blogs

  I love my ASMR. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  ASMR: The videos which claim to make their viewers ‘tingle’ – BBC News It is the pleasurable sensation one feels in response to audio, visual, tactile olfactory stimuli. A lot of people will experience it as a tingling sensation. Tingling is not how I […]

The similarities between a shop bought sandwich and Hollywood movie trailers. Skilbey Blogs.

There are glaring similarities and when I run through them you will nod your brain before your head, it’s that quick. When you enter a sandwich shop, which I don’t do very often as bread is not a favourite staple of mine, you can be certain that you will be visually assaulted with a debauched […]