Halloween Tale

No Deja-Boo! And No Sight Of A Clown Either. Skilbey Blogs

Do you tire giving treats after the tenth witch? Or have you never lost your sense of the Deja-Boo? Halloween greetings. I bring you a true tale without witches, ghosts, ghouls,  zombies or demons or anything dripping with blood. And there’s no sign of  New Age Clowns either. They, quite frankly, deserve to be treated with a […]

Canned laughter should be kept there- in the can

Canned Laughter Should Be Kept There- In The Can. Skilbey Blogs

…then placed in a sack weighed down with the heaviest shit you can find then dropped at sea… Trouble is…canned products are reputed to be- quality wise- as good as they were when they first went in… Only after reading the compelling book  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini many, many years […]

Why aren’t libraries open on a Sunday?

Why aren’t libraries open on a Sunday? Skilbey Blogs

Leave aside the budget cuts for now. We are all aware that there is a systematic culling of  UK libraries wherever local governments can get away with it, and surviving library casualties placed through the mangle have had their opening times slashed. Our cultural services are guilty of a kind of sacrilege and libraries have […]

A writer's memories of a random, scatty pleasurable moment.

A writer’s memories of a random, scatty, pleasurable moment. Skilbey Blogs

About ten years ago I was in Coram’s Fields in the heart of London. It’s a seven-acre park with playgrounds suitable for every child between toddler and sixteen years. You are not allowed to enter without being accompanied by a child. They treat play very seriously. My children at that time were of primary school age. […]

What a way to start your writing day

What a way to start your writing day! Skilbey Blogs

Laughter-based exercise program has health benefits, study finds. And as a writer, I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Research at Georgia State University has found that older people placed on an exercise program that incorporated playful simulated laughter into its routine, felt healthier. This simulated laughter first allows you to […]

Giving thanks to the careers adviser.

Giving thanks to careers advisers. Skilbey Blogs

  Tuning into the radio recently, I listened to a mother’s phone-in, wishing her grown up son a happy birthday. She also touched upon his successful career and how he “had proven his careers adviser wrong”. It was then, that a faint red mist began to form around me. I think careers advisers should be […]

Dribbling strangers and the Zeno effect

Dribbling on strangers and the ‘Zeno effect’. Skilbey Blogs

Are you the dribbler or the dribbled on? It’s been witnessed numerous times and experienced first hand by many; a stranger dribbling on the shoulder of another stranger on a train. And the speed at which the shut-eye, static and upright, slips 80 degrees due east or west, before rapidly descending is funny to watch. […]

Strategy cards for inspiration?

Oblique Strategy Cards For Writing Inspiration? Skilbey Blogs

Oblique Strategy Cards For Writing Inspiration? Stuck in a rut creatively? Have you exhausted all techniques advised by the great and the good? Or perhaps you’re faced with a dilemma with no clear path to take? Have you tried looking at some Oblique Strategy cards? It could be useful. I say ‘could be’, as I […]

Sunday Dinner at Jim Haynes

Sunday Dinner at Jim Haynes’s is still going strong. Skilbey Blogs.

Sunday Dinner in Paris? I’ll rewind a little. Something caught my eye just recently. On a notice board in a neighbouring town from where I live. It  must have raised an eyebrow or two. A couple was inviting local residents over to their house to enjoy an evening meal with them. They explained that they […]

Harry Potter Goes Spectacularly Beyond Binary. Skilbey Blogs

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Goes Spectacularly Beyond Binary. Skilbey Blogs.

This is not a spoiler. My youngest and I were fortunate enough to get preview tickets to see The Cursed Child last Wednesday. Part one, 2pm and Part Two, 7pm. A Potter Fest, you could say. A master class in kick-ass theatre and in marrying the fantastic with the real world. Lightning needs to find […]

Photo Booths Capture Your Ugly

Writing about a different ‘me’. Skilbey Blogs.

“Photo booths really know how to capture your ugly”. Occasionally, we get to see ourselves in a fresh light, though not always an attractive one. For example, hearing a recording of our own voice is often shocking; we don’t like or can’t identify with what we hear, adamant that such a peculiar sound doesn’t belong […]

Turn and face the sun...

Turn your face towards the sun…Skilbey Blogs.

  Negativity, that old gatecrasher comes trashing through your mind before begging you to put him up for, ‘just a few days’. Nope. Positive thoughts I like to hold on to:   It really is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. To find your integral voice, conduct a debate presenting a thoroughly researched argument […]

Can't get you outta my head

Do you feed your embarrassing moments into your writing? Skilbey Blogs.

‘Can’t get you outta my head’. As writers, we are always on the lookout for fertile ideas. We understand, engage and exercise our ‘periphery’ very well. We casually flick our eyes, showing an interest in our world and the community we live in, much like everyone else, but for writers (and artists), it goes that […]

Human Energy. Shame we can’t bottle and cork it. Skilbey Blogs.

  Perhaps pickle it and put it in a jar? I am and have always been fascinated with energy and energy exchanges. I listened to Denise Gough on the radio over the weekend, (Radio 2 Graham Norton), talking about her Olivier Award-winning performance in People, Places and Things  in the West End, and she made […]

creative writers and imaginary friends

Dear writer, did you have an imaginary friend? Skilbey Blogs.

  University study suggests that a writer’s relationship with characters is analogous to children’s relationships with imaginary friends. A study, by University of Oregon psychologist Marjorie Taylor, Ph.D., and her colleagues, refutes the conventional wisdom that preschool is the peak time for all kinds of imaginative play, including playing with imaginary companions. It inspired me […]

Domestic trivia V the beautiful pleasures of writing. I have a cunning plan…Skilbey Blogs

If I go a couple of days without getting my head down to some writing or editing, I am proper grumpy. I start to twitch. Right eye first, left eye is no good to man nor beast without lens support, but that’ll go too. This grump is official and verified by an independent suffered enough […]

Biting the hand that feeds…Why I’m out of love with Facebook. Skilbey Blogs.

If absolutely nothing else, disregard this blog, skip and read the following link in its entirety. http://www.dailydot.com/opinion/quit-facebook-in-2016/ This blog, by Cody Musser, sums up perfectly how I have physically (yes, physically- it makes my stomach sink), and psychologically felt since committing to Facebook in Dec 2015 and why over the following months it was beginning to […]