Any soul plumbers out there?

Any Soul Plumbers Out There?

So, let me get this straight.

When we die, we go to Soul Heaven. Here, we know everything and know it all at once; what has passed, what is passing, what is still to pass. Time plays to a different kind of dimension.

Apparently, we understand everything here. We become a soul puzzle that slots into the right place along with other fellow souls. Here our souls evolve and become finer tuned. We have learned lessons that help us to see the bigger picture. Apparently, we get ‘it’ here. Whatever ‘it’ is.

At some stage, could be some thousand years later or right at the point of our earthly death, (remember, time is irrelevant up here in Soul Heaven), we (choose to) come back down to earth to learn other lessons.

However – and this is the bit I struggle to understand – instead of being sent down with a big kiss and a lunchbox carrying a large hearty hotpot of our evolved soul’s learnings, seasoned liberally with consciousness, plus a thick slice of understanding for mopping up the juices, it seems as if we are sent back down to material Earth with just a horrid tablespoon of Destineisa; arriving at our destination confused as to why the hell we’re supposed to be there in the first place. We then spend an average of 70 odd years not remembering that we have come back to learn a lesson. Instead, we seem to waste time boasting and showing off what we haven’t learnt, and the list is big: what we haven’t learnt about love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, selflessness, duty, respect and more, many, many times over, just in case none of us got the fucked up messages the first time.

So what’s with the cryptic behaviour?

If a lesson is learnt ‘on the ground’ and the soul gets ‘it’, surely this understanding and insight should be shared ‘on the ground’, for the good of others. Now if all souls went through this, wouldn’t our world be in a better shape?

What good is taking what we’ve learnt back up to Soul Heaven if everyone is on the same hymn sheet there? So sorry about the pun.

If in Soul Heaven our ‘evolved’ soul is our patron, then perhaps they can learn a thing or two from down here. A three and a half thousand-year-old soul is not too old to learn.

Down here, we are taught from very early on in school to reconsider our ways via the written word and by a rote system (lines). Down here, a psychologist will tell us that children need more than just ‘no’ or ‘naughty’ and that a full and clear explanation produces more positive outcomes against re-offending.

70 shades till eventually, grey.

In some cases, the 70 years of Destinesia malfunctions. There are some that claim and they are teased, tormented or seduced by flashes of their previous life or multiple lives, and some finally conclude that the current life they are living is the only one to focus on, despite this intrusion from the past. Some conclude from their experiences that love is simply the answer. Great! But what good are half messages, given to so few and in such a piecemeal fashion?

Seems like we need some soul plumbers up there to help down here. The very place we need it the most.

Clear those blockages if the saying, “As above, so below”, is ever going to stand a chance of happening.

Just saying.

2 thoughts on “Any Soul Plumbers Out There?

  1. This sounds the stuff of story, to me. 🙂 I don’t think I could ever write about my faith in a fictional sense–it’s like breathing to me, and can one really write a story about breathing? … well I suppose so, but I’ll let the right writer take it on. x

    1. Appreciate that. In fact I was going to start the blog with, ‘I want to believe. Full stop. There is no “But….”, in this post’.
      Because, believe it or not, I do profoundly believe that we are here to learn lessons and evolve. I don’t understand some bits of it, just like some puzzles. I need someone to explain the xyz benefits of not doing things in another way. Yes, some things are meant to be difficult because of what we gain from the journey. Was just questioning why there are not more positive gains in us earth-bound souls as a result of re-incarnation. Yet I do believe, (it’s my default setting), just would dearly love someone to spell things out to me. Thanks for commenting 🙂 x

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