Biting the hand that feeds…Why I’m out of love with Facebook. Skilbey Blogs.

If absolutely nothing else, disregard this blog, skip and read the following link in its entirety. This blog, by Cody Musser, sums up perfectly how I have physically (yes, physically- it makes my stomach sink), and psychologically felt since committing to Facebook in Dec 2015 and why over the following months it was beginning to […]

10 Command-nots I will always observe when writing. Skilbey Blogs.

  #1 I shall not go through years and years of creating the DNA aka, the building blocks of my story, submerging myself in its amoebic gestation, creating cells, arteries, blood, flesh, hair, teeth and body, creating voices, creating the spirit of my characters, years of selecting from the greys anatomy of emotional and psychological […]

Can we have our cat’s bollocks back? It had their Hipster Pack in. I’ve got the receipt? Skilbey Blogs

  For a long time now the tempestuous weather has been unrelentingly grim and dark with no feel-good light since God was a boy. However, now- at last- the sun is cranking its neck round to squint at itself, trying to become accustomed and adjust to its own estranged light once more. I thought at […]

Conceptual Art for you? Oui, mais non, mais oui, mais non…

  The Yuk Factor: Warning: the following image revelation may repulse those of a nauseous disposition. If you think you’ll be a trifle queasy, then best not to continue reading. Yesterday, The Sunday Times Culture magazine listed one hundred artworks to love from Caravaggio to Constable to Bansky and Tracey Emin. I struggle to understand […]