Biting the hand that feeds…Why I’m out of love with Facebook. Skilbey Blogs.

If absolutely nothing else, disregard this blog, skip and read the following link in its entirety. This blog, by Cody Musser, sums up perfectly how I have physically (yes, physically- it makes my stomach sink), and psychologically felt since committing to Facebook in Dec 2015 and why over the following months it was beginning to […]

Touching James Joyce’s World just gently, on the shoulder. Skilbey Blogs.

That nagging feeling that I needed to get on with editing my novel never left me despite an enjoyable few days away in Dublin. ‘Can I carry my laptop?’ I pleaded with my other half. ‘No. It’s a break. It will do you good. You’ve got your phone.’ ‘You know I don’t do anything beyond […]

Can we have our cat’s bollocks back? It had their Hipster Pack in. I’ve got the receipt? Skilbey Blogs

  For a long time now the tempestuous weather has been unrelentingly grim and dark with no feel-good light since God was a boy. However, now- at last- the sun is cranking its neck round to squint at itself, trying to become accustomed and adjust to its own estranged light once more. I thought at […]

And then Satan said, “Let there be a Magic Roundabout. Let it be placed in Swindon.” Skilbey Blogs.

  Taking one of our daughters to a concert, the TomTom made references to the Magic Roundabout as part of its advised route. Other Half and I glanced at each other: why was it named after a 60’s children’s television programme? And if nothing to do with that, well, mushrooms were the only other thing […]

The similarities between a shop bought sandwich and Hollywood movie trailers. Skilbey Blogs.

There are glaring similarities and when I run through them you will nod your brain before your head, it’s that quick. When you enter a sandwich shop, which I don’t do very often as bread is not a favourite staple of mine, you can be certain that you will be visually assaulted with a debauched […]