Photo Booths Capture Your Ugly

Writing about a different ‘me’. Skilbey Blogs.

“Photo booths really know how to capture your ugly”. Occasionally, we get to see ourselves in a fresh light, though not always an attractive one. For example, hearing a recording of our own voice is often shocking; we don’t like or can’t identify with what we hear, adamant that such a peculiar sound doesn’t belong […]

Can't get you outta my head

Do you feed your embarrassing moments into your writing? Skilbey Blogs.

‘Can’t get you outta my head’. As writers, we are always on the lookout for fertile ideas. We understand, engage and exercise our ‘periphery’ very well. We casually flick our eyes, showing an interest in our world and the community we live in, much like everyone else, but for writers (and artists), it goes that […]