Politeness a Very British Affair

Politeness- A Very British Affair. Skilbey Blogs

You know the story. You are about to purchase something. Let’s stick to food as an example. This is where the heinous act is usually committed. You buy food. Let’s call it Yum. You buy a little extra than is necessary. You know ‘X’ likes it. There’s enough for seconds. You get back and ‘X’ […]

Domestic trivia V the beautiful pleasures of writing. I have a cunning plan…Skilbey Blogs

If I go a couple of days without getting my head down to some writing or editing, I am proper grumpy. I start to twitch. Right eye first, left eye is no good to man nor beast without lens support, but that’ll go too. This grump is official and verified by an independent suffered enough […]

A lesson about doctors (Trust me, I’m not a doctor) Skilbey Blogs.

Arrogant doctors have a hat they love to wear. It says, “Armed with my several years of training, how could you possibly know anything? You’re the patient!”.   1. Never listen to an arrogant doctor. They will never listen to you, the patient. 2. Arrogant doctors forget that in their vast knowledge of learning, they […]